Promote intra-governmental sharing of distance learning resources.

Now known as the Government Alliance for Training and Education by Satellite (GATES), the Government Alliance for Training and Education was established in March 1995 as a spin-off from the DOD’s Total Force Distance Learning Action Team (TFDLAT), now known as the Total Force Advanced Distributed Learning Action Team (TFADLAT). The TFADLAT concentrates primarily on DOD Web-based distance learning. GATE, on the other hand, has broadened this scope to include all Government agencies and focuses on satellite delivery of distance learning, whether by interactive television, videoconferencing, or video streaming to the desktop. GATES’ primary focus is to encourage the use of cost-effective telecommunications to share facilities and distance learning programs NOW.

In addition, GATES will assist education and training program managers in identifying system services standardization requirements, and to coordinate the development of a system profile to optimize interoperability across and among networks. Most notably, GATES participants have collaborated in the expansion and use of interactive television (ITV) and videoteleconferencing (VTC) as effective means to meet many Government DL requirements.

GATES’ greatest success story is the development of the Government Education and Training Network (GETN). GETN is an interactive television network that is interoperable across all its participating agencies. GETN is often connected to various agency VTC systems to exchange programming and share training facilities. More information on GETN can be seen at http://getn.govdl.org.

GATES enables participating agencies to share learning resources, especially the mandated courses that might be applicable to the needs of numerous federal agencies. Courses in such areas as hazardous materials, biological terrorism, medical training, program management, equal opportunity, government ethics, etc., are easily shared cost-effectively.

Membership in GATES is generally restricted to Government Civil Service and the Uniformed Services. Vendors and contract service providers can join FGDLA, a non-profit professional organization. For more information please go to http://www.fgdla.us

GATES’ Broad Goals:

  • Promote the use of video technologies in distance learning
  • Improve program quality
  • Extend the reach of each agency network
  • Expand the number of shared course offerings
  • Improve the management our networks by sharing best practices
  • Improve technical quality and cost effectiveness of delivery
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